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Investigative Reports

An Investigative Report is a Final Report produced by the Ombudsman Commission under Section 22 of the Organic Law on the Ombudsman Commission (OLOC). The Report is produced after investigations are conducted pursuant to Section 219(1)(a)(ii) of the Constitution which empowers the Ombudsman Commission to investigate on its own inititative or on complaint by a person affected by the conduct on the part of any government body or an officer or employee of a government body in the exercise of a power or function vested in it, him or her by law in cases where the conduct is or may be wrong, taking into account, amongst other things, the National Goals and Directive Principles, Basic Rights and Social Obligations.

The Ombudsman Commission as mandated by the Constitution and the OLOC to ensure government processes and procedures are followed and that government officials are in full compliance with laws governing the conduct of the public servants and the business of the Government has recommendations in the Report. However, it is the discretion of the recipients of the Report to implement.

The report is presented to the Speaker of Parliament and the Speaker is required under Section 23(1)(d) of the OLOC to present the Report to Parliament within eight (8) sitting days of the Parliament.

The reports are too bulky that only executive summaries are provided. Hard copies of the latest reports can be obtained from the Ombudsman Commission head office or any of the regional offices. The soft copy can be shared via cloud storage only hence if you require one, send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

cover page 2Investigation into improper and unlawful issuance of entry permits and granting of citizenship by naturalisation and issuance of PNG passports to Joko Tjandra alias Joe Chang by the Papua New Guinea Immigration and Citizenship Services Authority.


Cover page 1Investigation into alleged improper decision by the Government Office Allocation committee to engage Cental Land Limited to build a 32 storey government office complex at Waigani Central in the National Capital District.


GileGile Report

Investigation report into the alleged inhuman  treatment of prisoners Steven Tabogani and other prisoners by officers of the Correctional Services of Papua New Guinea at Gile Gile Correctional Institution, Milne Bay Province

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