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Organic Law on the Duties and Responsibilities of Leadership

Being an Organic Law to implement Division III.2 (leadership code) of the Constitution.
MADE by the Constituent Assembly to come into operation on Independence Day.



 In this Law-
 "associate", in relation to a person to whom this Law applies, includes a member of his family or a relative, or a person (including an unincorporated profit-seeking organization) associated with him or with a member of his family or a relative;
"benefit" includes any gift, loan or service (whether or not it has a monetary value) and all other personal advantages and favours given beyond the normal standards of hospitality;
"constitutional office-holder" means a person referred to in the definition of "constitutional office-holder" in Section 226 (definitions) of the Constitution;
"foreign enterprise" means a foreign enterprise within the meaning of the Investment Promotion Act 1992;
"other authority", in relation to a particular examination or investigation under this Law, means the authority (if any) appointed by the Ombudsman Commission under Section 19 to carry out the examination or conduct the investigation;
"person to whom this Law applies" means the persons specified in Section 26 (application of Division 2) of the Constitution;
"prohibited interest, benefit or property" means an interest, a benefit or property referred to in Section 24;
"the Ombudsman Commission" means the Ombudsman Commission established under Section 217 (the Ombudsman Commission) of the Constitution;
"tribunal" means a tribunal referred to in Section 27.

 2.Application of other laws

 Except where the contrary intention appears no action taken under this Law prejudices any other action that may be taken under any other law. 

3.Non-derogation, etc., of Organic Law on the Ombudsman Commission

    1. This Law is in addition to, and does not derogate, the provisions of the Organic Law on the Ombudsman Commission.
    2. The powers, functions, duties and responsibilities conferred or imposed on the Ombudsman Commission by this Law are in addition to, and do not derogate any other powers, functions, duties or responsibilities conferred or imposed on the Commission or other authority by or under any other Law.

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