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A member of the Ombudsman Commission or other authority or an officer or employee of the Commission is not liable for any act or omission done or made bona fide and without negligence under or for the purposes of this Law.

38.Protection to witnesses, etc

 Subject to this Law, witnesses and persons appearing before the Ombudsman Commission, other authority or a tribunal have the same privileges and immunities as witnesses and persons appearing before the National Court.

 39.Witnesses expenses

A witness appearing before the Ombudsman Commission, other authority or a tribunal is entitled to conduct money, expenses and allowances at the same rates and on the same conditions as witnesses appearing in civil actions before the National Court.

40.Reimbursement of accountancy fees in relation to annual statement

The Ombudsman Commission shall, if it is satisfied that a statement given to it under Section 4(1) is an accurate statement of the affairs of the person to whom it relates and the affairs of his spouse and children under voting age, authorize payment to the person by Papua New Guinea of an amount that in its opinion is the reasonable costs of the preparation of the statement.


The Head of State, acting with, and in accordance with, the advice of the National Executive Council, may make regulations, not inconsistent with this Law, prescribing all matters that by this Law are required or permitted to be prescribed for carrying out or giving effect to this Law, and generally for achieving purposes of this Law, and in particular for prescribing penalties not exceeding K500.00 and default penalties not exceeding K50.00 for offences against or contraventions of any regulations so made. 


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The Ombudsman Commission will be a Vibrant, Premier Institution in pursuit of promoting Good Governance and Quality Leadership in PNG by the year 2019.

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