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The Ombudsman Commission will be a vibrant, premier institution in pursuit of promoting good governance and quality leadership in PNG by the year 2019.


Promote and protect the integrity of leaders and to help improve the work of government bodies and investigate any complaints against them to ensure there is good governance, accountability, transparency and quality leadership in the public sector.



 The Ombudsman Commission is committed to seven (7) fundamental values in all dealings with government bodies, the private sector, members of the public and the leaders.

 The values we uphold are;

  •  Unity

In unity we advance, divided we fail in the discharging of our mandated functions under the Constitution, the Organic Law on the Ombudsman Commission and the Organic Law on the Duties and Responsibilities of Leaders.

  •  Leadership

We will provide leadership in our fight for transparency, accountability and good governance in the public sector as the oversight agency.

  •  Impartiality

We will carry out our duties without fear or favour. We will not support one person or group more than the other. We will maintain our political neutrality.

  •  Integrity

We recognise the importance of maintaining the personal integrity of each of the Members of the Commission and all officers in the services of the Commission.

  • Independence

We will preserve the independence of the Ombudsman Commission and ensure that it is not subject to improper influences in carrying out its functions.

  •  Responsiveness

We will be responsive to the needs and aspirations of the people of Papua New Guinea.

  • Respect

We respect individuals and their rights regardless of who they are.


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Our Vision

The Ombudsman Commission will be a Vibrant, Premier Institution in pursuit of promoting Good Governance and Quality Leadership in PNG by the year 2019.

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Ombudsman Commission
Ground Floor, Deloitte Tower
Douglas Street
PO Box 1831
National Capital District
Papua New Guinea

Ph: (675) 308 2600
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Fax:(675) 320 3211

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